Smart contracts for an automated world

Ubiq is a decentralized platform which allows the creation and implementation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Built upon an improved Ethereum codebase, the Ubiq blockchain acts as a large globally distributed ledger and supercomputer, allowing developers to create decentralized and automated solutions to thousands of tasks which today are carried out by third party intermediaries.


Wallets act as gateways to decentralized applications on the Ubiq blockchain.

Pyrus (Browser)

Pyrus is a browser based, client-side Ubiq wallet. Generate wallets completely client side, easily send Ubiq and *any* ERC-20 Standard Token (e.g QWARK, APX), generate and send offline transactions, ensuring your private keys never touch an internet-connected device.

Fusion (Desktop)

Bringing together all of your accounts, assets and application interfaces, the Fusion Wallet combines all Ubiq blockchain functionality into one secure and powerful interface. With all of the tools to write and deploy your own smart contracts and tokens.


The latest release of the Fusion Wallet.

Command line

Gubiq v1.5.12

Go-ubiq (Gubiq) is the official golang implementation of the Ubiq protocol.

The Team

With a diverse range of specializations and vast experience in both blockchain and traditional financial services,the Ubiq development team is committed to providing the most stable, flexible, and bug-free platform available for the development of enterprise applications. This is accomplished through extensive observation, testing, and improvements to the various blockchain technologies currently available.

Julian Yap



Well experienced in blockchain technology and systems engineering, working with notable projects like Bittrex (over 100 coin code reviews), Blocktech and Decred. Julian has provided several key principles of design, networking and economics to the project.

Luke Williams



Well known within the blockchain community for building and providing resources and services, such as Iquidus Explorer; a blockchain search tool used by a countless number of ledgers in the industry. Luke is crucial in developing seamless solutions for the Ubiq platform.

Kris Hansen



An established developer for many generations of internet technology, Kris has contributed to the success of many finance systems used today. The value brought to the project with existing relationships and use cases provide limitless possibility for adoption and standardization in the fintech world.

Alex Sterk


Community Manager

Providing many resources to the greater fintech community with his show #blocktalk, Alex is a key component to educating the public on blockchain capabilities. The passion and open mind Alex brings towards researching the newest technology and implementations drive meaningful discussions on the future of the platform.

The Community

Our Slack community consists of 4,800+ cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, developers, miners, and traders. Sign up today to join the conversation, and learn how you can get involved in Ubiq.