Fusion (Desktop)

Bringing together all of your accounts, assets and application interfaces, the Fusion Wallet combines all Ubiq blockchain functionality into one secure and powerful interface. Providing a full node with all of the tools to write and deploy your own smart contracts and tokens.

Pyrus (Browser)

Pyrus is a browser based, client-side Ubiq wallet. Generate wallets completely client side, easily send Ubiq and *any* ERC-20 Standard Token (e.g QWARK, APX), generate and send offline transactions, ensuring your private keys never touch an internet-connected device.

Sparrow (Browser Extension)

Sparrow creates endless possibilities within the Ubiq network by providing access to Dapps within your Chrome browser.

Enjoy the ability to create and manage your own identities and view Dapps transactions on the Ubiq network with a secure interface before you accept or decline payments and transactions.

DexWallet (Mobile)

Finally you can be in control of your assets, secure your private keys and enjoy the power of blockchain in a new, more free and fun way!

Guarda Wallet

Receive, Send, Buy, Exchange, Stake and do whatever you want with all coins in one secure, non-custodial, multiplatform wallet.

TREZOR (Hardware)

TREZOR is another hardware wallet device compatible with Ubiq. Like the Ledger, it can interface with Pyrus, MEW and Sparrow to securely manage balances and transfers, as well as interactions with smart contracts such as airdrops and UIP voting.

A guide to using a TREZOR with Ubiq can be found here.

Ledger (Hardware)

The Ledger Nano S is a highly secure hardware wallet solution that is compatible with Pyrus, MEW and Sparrow. Private keys remain encrypted on a USB device with robust security features, making it one of the safest ways to store your funds.

Read about Ledger support for Ubiq here.

Gubiq (Server)

Gubiq is the core client and backbone of the Ubiq network. Used by developers, services, nodes and running behind the scenes for both Fusion, Pyrus & Sparrow users.